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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tibetan Beads, coral with inlay


  1. Tashideleh! Your jewelry is beautiful. I presume what you are showing here is all from Nepal - I read your info at the end of this blog. I traveled in Tibet in '95 and '96 and in Nepal a couple of times in the years following. I have been researching the life of a Tibetan traveler and have immersed myself in things Tibetan. I can to your blog via your post on the One Minute Writer, a site I enjoy and add to 3 or 4 times a week when the prompts grab me. I have some made in Tibet jewelry and some made in Nepal jewelry -- some of your things are so wonderful I would purchase them if I were not being frugal. I wish you good luck in your sales endeavors because I assume that what you sell means more sales for the makers and if they are Nepal they are probably not making much money. I think I will read one or both of your other blogs now.

  2. June your excitement is palpable! Namaste and Tashidelek to you! I will keep my eyes open for your posts on the One Minute Writer. Peace.